Wendy Cooper played by Jacqueline Nairn

Wendy Cooper married Murray Cooper at the age of seventeen. Wendy started having children early on in her life and ended up having three children called Bella, Evan and Jasmine. Wendy works at Shortland Street Hospital as a nurse.

Wendy and her husband Murray own the IV bar across from Shortland Street.

Murray started to have feelings for Wendy's boss Vasa Levi and shared many kisses with each other. But when Wendy found out; she confronted Murray and he promised to stand by her side.

Wendy then went through a diagnosis of having a heart condition meaning that her two daughters have it as well. She felt horrible about passing it onto her daughter's and remains guilty for giving them a possibly life threatening disease.

Wendy Cooper is portrayed by Jacqueline Nairn.