Sarah Potts played by Amanda Billing.

Sarah Potts is the mother of Daniel and Tillie Potts. Sarah first worked in London and New York where she leant the ED techniques. Sarah also did some volunteer work in Africa. While her son, Daniel, was growing up he was raised by Sarah's parents and believed that Sarah was his sister not mother. When Sarah told him the truth he left briefly to go and life with his father who lived in Samoa. Sarah fell in love with many different men like Craig Valentine and Andrew Solomon who both left her heart broken.

When Sarah was blamed for Huia's, Craig's ex-fiancee, death she turned to Huia's cousin, TK Samuels, for support and ended up marrying him in mid 2007. When Sarah returned to Ferndale after their honey moon she found out that she had MS. Later in 2008 Craig was murdered and Sarah revealed about her health to her husband, TK. Sarah also had to have an abortion as the pregnancy was making her MS worse. Daniel came back from Samoa and started to get involved in some serious crime. After Daniel's horrible behaviour he was sent to a boot camp as him being around TK and Sarah was causing some problems with their relationship. After Daniel was let out of boot camp he went back to live with his dad in Samoa.

When Sarah became head of the PCC Brooke Freeman moved in with TK and Sarah as she was homeless. As soon as Brooke moved in with them she started causing some fuss between the couple. Sarah and TK split on Christmas 2009.

Sarah and Daniel then moved into Maxwell Avia's apartment. When Maxwell's ex wife and daughter came to Ferndale he had a fling with Vasa, ended Sarah and Maxwell's relationship. But not long after that did Daniel get his girfriend pregnant. Sarah supported him throughout the time but Loren ended up terminating the baby. Daniel soon left to work in Indonesia, but came back home after nearly getting killed by a snake bite.

Sarah left Ferndale in order to work at Boston while leading a MS research group. She spent one last night with TK and then left.

Sarah then arrived back in Ferndale, pregnant with TK's child. Sarah carrying TK's child meant that his new relationship with his girlfriend, Roimata Ngatai, had to be put on hold. TK asked Roimata to marry him. But on their wedding day Sarah went into Labor on the side of the road by herself meaning that TK left before the wedding in order to find her leaving Roimata fumming. Sarah had a baby girl which they decided to call Tillie. But while Sarah was giving birth TK was diverted and rescued Hunter McKay from a burning car on the side of the road.

A couple of weeks after Tillie's birth she suffered from a severe MS relapse meaning that she had to hand off Tillie to TK and Roimata while we was in rehab.