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is Jack's and Curtis's younger sister (and the daughter of Mo and Margaret).  At the start she misses Margaret, who's estranged from Mo and lives elsewhere, and is keen for them to reunite.

Pixie likes to live life lightly, taking things at face value and simply having all the fun she can – something that's helped by the way her family treats her as their baby still, despite her age.  Jack and Mo in particular are protective towards her – more than she needs them to be. As a result she has been cushioned from much of their hardship and never been forced to examine what life is all about, or death either.

Beneath her cheery, feisty demeanour she has a strong sense of justice and fairness. A keen football player, she hates being treated 'like a girl' – and her skills certainly keep her in the running with the boys. She is very aware of her family's impoverished circumstances, and is oddly proud, defensive and embarrassed about the situation, all at the same time. She gets off on the wrong foot with Harry Warner, but they will develop an intense and fiercely loyal friendship.

Pixie has been suffering non-specific 'growing pains' – but has attempted not to worry her parents with this too much, knowing they can ill-afford expensive medical bills. When she's diagnosed with a terrible disease, she will face a struggle to keep her head up, not to mention trying to cram a lifetime's worth of experience into an increasingly short time – and that's where all the friends she makes, and staff she meets, at Shortland Street come in...

Pixie is portrayed by Thomasin Mckenzie.