Nicole Miller is played by Sally Martin

Nicole Miller currently work's as an experienced theatre nurse at Shortland Street Hospital.

Nicole's relationship with her mother was very good. She was closer to her father than she was to her mother. She was heart broken when her father died from cancer in his fifties. When Nicole found out that her father had another child other than her she instantly wanted to meet her half sister. This is how she ended up coming to Ferndale.

Morgan Braithwaite is Nicole's half sister. But when she was suddenly killed by a hit and run Nicole was devastated.

After her half sister's death she found herself becoming attracted to Maia Jeffries. They dated for a while until she found out that she was connected to Ethan Pierce's murder. When Maia left Ferndale Nicole moved on with her life, but remained In Ferndale.

After Maia left Ferndale to go to Australia Nicole found herself attracted to Maxwell Avia who ended up helping her pick up the pieces from her last relationship.Maxwell ended up having an affair with an Australian colleague much to Nicole's displeasure. They patched up their relationship and they are now back together.

Nicole Miller is played by Sally Martin.