Luke Durville is portrayed by Gerald Urquhart

Luke Durville an anaesthetist at Shortland Street Hospital. Luke is a taxidermist and enjoys witchcraft and necromancy in his spare time.

Luke isn't a very social person and likes to to be by himself alot of the time. During the 'Joey Henderson murder's' he left town after people started to suspect him as the killer.

Luke wasn't very good with relationships and found it hard to find a woman who understood what he likes and wants to do. He soon became engaged to Zlata Waldheim who was romanian.

Lukes close friend, Bella Cooper, didn't think Zlata was a very good match for Luke. After Zlata's father tried to kill Bella Luke soon figured out that Zlata wasn't the woman for him and that Bella was the one.

Lately Luke and Bella broke up for a short period of time as Brooke Freeman told Bella that the reason she was so attracted to Luke was because of how alike Luke and her father, Murray Cooper, were. Luke then rented his house and moved into the Shortland Street apartments with Bella much to Brooke's dismay as Brooke also lives there. Sadly Luke passed away in February 2013 due to brain cancer.

Luke Durville is played by Gerald Urquhart.