Jasmine Cooper is portrayed by Pearl McGlashan

Jasmine Cooper is the fourteen year old daughter of Wendy and Murray Cooper. Jasmine is the sister of Bella and Evan Cooper.

Jasmine likes to become the teachers pet at school and enjoys reading books.

Jasmine found out in late 2011 that not only does she have a heart condition but her elder sister, Bella, and her mother have it as well.

Jasmine went through a faze where she was facisinated with what happens after death and was going to do whatever it took in order to figure it out.

Jazz is currently dating Chris Warners son, Phoenix, who found it very odd to be dating a girl who was obsessed with what happens after death.

Jasmine likes to hang out and be around her sister, Bella, but has her moments where she hates and then likes her brother, Evan.

Jasmine Cooper is portrayed by Pearl McGlashan.