Gabrielle Jacob's is portrayed by Virginie Le Brun

Gabrielle is one of the many talented surgeon's at the Shortland Street Hospital. Some people think Gabrielle's social manner's very awkward. Gabrielle has Asperger's Syndrome which make sit very hard for her to have close friends and romantic relationships with people. .

Gabrielle has a romantic relationship with Chris Warner but soon found out that his ex girlfriend, Rachel McKenna, was going to be coming back to Shortland Street. When she started to have doubts about Rachel and Chris's relationship; she moved to Zurich until arriving back at Shortland Street in 2011.

When she arrived back at Shortland Street she had a short relationship with the CEO, Shane Tucker, of the hospital at the time. But when she operated on Rachel McKenna's brother, Jonathon, she started to have feelings for him. But after the operation they found out that he was temporarily blind. In the middle of July Gabrielle's sister came to Shortland Street and began working as the CEO's, Callum McKay, Personal Assistant.

Gabrielle Jacob's is portrayed by Virginie Le Brun.