Daniel Potts is portrayed by Ido Drent

Daniel Potts is the first son of Sarah Potts and a man called Tim. He first apeared on Shortland Street at the age of fourteen and always thought of Sarah as his sister, not a mother.

When Daniel found out that Sarah was actually his mother he began to get angry and ended up moving to Samoa with his father.

When Daniel was in Samoa he started to hang out with the wrond crowd so he was sent back to Ferndale.

Once he returned he started to take an interest in computers. But while in Ferndale he started dating Sophie McKay, who was a popular student at Ferndale High. He wanted popularity just like he had back in Samoa.

Sarah and TK couldn't take Daniel's bad behaviour anymore and ended up being sent to Boot Camp in order to control him. While in Bootcamp he was introduced to a gang member called Tupac. Daniel ended up taking up boxing and started to get involved in some serious illegal fights.

Since Sarah's MS was becoming stronger Daniel ended up going back to Samoa because of all of the stress he was putting in on Sarah and TK.

Daniel, once again, returned to Ferndale and started met a worker at Sugar Cafe called Lauren who ended up becoming pregnant with Daniel's baby. Sarah soon found out and was very supportive of her son and Lauren as she had Daniel at a young age as well. Lauren terminated the pregnancy and Daniel never saw her again.

After the terminated pregnancy Daniel moved to Indonesia for a few months while working with an IT firm. But when his mother arrived back from Boston in 2011 she arrived back pregnant with TK's baby.

In late 2011 Daniel became the older brother of Tillie Potts.

In the last episode for 2011 Daniel ended up getting over the head with a crow bar. Once in hospital Daniel went into a coma and is now struggling to talk and move because of a head injury.

Daniel Potts is portrayed by Ido Drent.