Callum McKay played by Peter Mochrie

Callum McKay was the CEO of the Shortland Street Hospital. He was married to Justine Jones and had two children with her called Hunter and Sophie. After Callum found out about Justine and Chris Warner's affair they soon seperated. But not long after their seperation they got back together for their children.

A little while after Justine and Callum, Callum started having an affair with Martha Riley who was a DHB consultant.

When Craig Valentine died Justine started working on the cause. But Callum started fearing for his families lives after Justine found a bomb underneath her car. She then faked her own death and moved to Australia under witness protection.

After Justine moved to Australia Callum found it hard to look after their two children by himself. He also found it hard to be single, so he started dating Brooke Freeman. Their relationship didn't last very long.

When Justine came back to Ferndale to testify in court they decided to end their marriage completely.

When Callum found out that his daughter, Sophie, was dating bar owner, Kieran Mitchell, he was not very happy. But he became even angrier when he found out that Sophie and Kieran he became enraged. They ended up marrying againist Callum's will.

When Callum let Rachel McKenna into his house after Morgan Braithwaitre death they soon fell in love and started dating. Rachel had a drinking problem and Callum helped her through the rough time.

When Kieran died Callum helped Sophie run the IV bar by Shortland Street Hospital.Not long after, Rachel ended her relationship with Callum and started dating Chris Warner. Callum and Rachel soon ran into each other in a run down old building. When the building started to burn down while they were in it they were both in need of saving. Chris then arrived at the burning building and saved them both. Callum survived with only minor burns.

Callum McKay played by Peter Mochrie.

In 2011 Callum started having feelings for his son, Hunter's girlfriend. Jill ended up falling for Callum too. Hunter found out about their feelings when they attended TK and Roimata's wedding. Callum then found out about Hunter's drug addiction.

A while after Callum and Jill got together Hunter and his drug addict friend broke into a pharmacy in order to get some free drugs. That's when Jill and Daniel Potts walked in and saw what was happening. Hunter's friend hit Daniel over the head with a crow bar, knocking him unconcious. Jill was then stabbed by the security guard accidently. Jill died in hospital.

Callum put Hunter in rehab after Jill's death and left Ferndale for a short amount of time. Callum is now working with Sarah Potts at Shortland Street Hospital.