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Brooke Freeman is portrayed by Beth Allen

When Brooke was a teenager her father, Grant Marsden, and mother, Annette, abandoned her. She now works at Shortland Street Hospital as a GP.

When she first arrived at Shortland Street Hospital she caught the eye of both Chris Warner and Kip Denton. Chris won over Brooke's heart and she later moved into his house.

But while living with Chris and his son, Harry Warner, their relationship started to crash as Harry started to get in the way of their relationship.

After their relationship ended she turned to Dr Ethan Pierce. A couple of days later; Ethan was shot by an assassin.

A while after Ethan's death she started going out with the Shortland Street Hospital's CEO, Callum McKay. Callum left his wife, Justine, in order to be with Brooke.

After their break up; Brooke moved in with Sarah and TK. She messed up their relationship and they divorced a little while after. After Sarah left Brooke then began to comfort TK ancd they ended up becoming a couple. But when Brooke tried to get herself pregnant with TK's baby; he broke up with her instantly.

After the break up with TK she went after a doctor at Shortland Street Hospital called Dr Isaac Worthington. But when Worthington did an illegal surgery on a European criminal, Brooke helped him cover up and Isaac ended up fleeing the country without Brooke who went and did some research on Asthma. But when Broooke slept with one of the researcher's for Athma he died the morning after and she was then given a research assistant called Winston Youn. During that period she met Alen Murphy who was checking over Brooke's research at Shortland Street. They ended up dating; but when Brooke got fire from the Asthma research she went back to working as the Shortland Street Hospital's GP again. Brooke Freeman is portrayed by Beth Allen