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ella is a very enthusiastic and chatty young women. She is the eldest daughter of Murray and Wendy Cooper. She is the eldest sister of Evan and Jasmine Cooper.

Bella likes to do heaps of charity work and help people. She sometimes blows things out of preportion and has Long QT syndrome along with her mother and sister.

Bella is studying Tuscadero's Beauty School but works part time as Shortland Street Hospital's receptionist. Bella is easily distracted and has a very big heart.

If you are eating a yummy sandwhich, she will tell you about how she had the most delicious sandwhich ever at some expensive cafe she went to the other day. If you are suffering from a horrible cold, she will tell you that she was on deaths door last year.

Bella is currently pregnant with the father being Jimmy Isaac.

Bella Cooper is portrayed by Amelia Reid